Manawatū Cricket Association

Men's Club Cricket

Currently there are four Saturday grades in the Manawatu made up of 32 teams from 12 clubs. Premier 1 play 2 Day, 1 Day & 20/20 cricket, Premier 2 play 1 Day & 20/20 Cricket and Premier 3 & 4 play 1 Day (40 overs) & 20/20 cricket.

Women's Club Cricket

The Women's Club Cricket consists of two competitions of 1 Day (30 overs) & T20 cricket played on a Saturday afternoon. There are 7 teams: United, Freyberg, Marist, Feiding, Dannevirke and PNGHS x2.

To find a club, check out the MCA Clubs links below:

* indicates the club has a womens team

Bloomfield CC: Click here

Dannevirke High School: Click Here​

Dannevirke Sports Club: Click Here *

Feilding CC: Click Here ​ *

Freyberg CC: Click Here *

Manawatu-Foxton CC: Click Here ​

Marist CC: Click Here​ *

Maw Haws CC: Click Here ​

Old Boys CC: Click Here​

Palmerston CC: Click Here

Palmerston North Boys High School: Click Here ​

United CC: Click Here​ *

Wanderers CC: Click Here ​

2023/24 Club Contacts (Men's and Women's)

Club Cricket Contacts: ​​​​​​​Click Here

2023/24 Men's Playing Conditions

Club Cricket Two Day Playing Conditions: ​​​​​​​Click Here

Club Cricket One Day Playing Conditions for P1 & P2: Click Here

Club Cricket One Day Playing Conditions for P3 & P4: Click Here

Club Cricket 20/20 Playing Conditions: Click Here

2023/24 Women's Playing Conditions

Club Cricket 20/20 Playing Conditions: Click Here

2023/24 Club Cricket Player Transfer Form

Club Cricket Player Transfer Form: Click Here

2023/24 By-Laws

Club Cricket By-Laws: Click Here

2023/24 Code of Conduct

Club Cricket Code of Conduct: ​​​​​​​Click Here

2023/24 Covers Process

Club Cricket Covers Process: Click Here

P1 Captains - Umpires Report

P1 Captains - Umpire Report: Click Here