Manawatū Cricket Association

Girls Representative Cricket

The MCA currently has five representative girls teams, two Year 7/8 teams, two Year 9/10 teams and one Year 11-13 team. This season we aim to increase the numbers in these squads to provide a wider group of girls with the opportunity to develop their game through additional playing, training and coaching. Our girls are currently going through their Winter Programmes which is providing them with some good skill development before the season gets underway.

All three of our representative teams play against other Central District Associations on Sundays and attend their respective CD tournaments in December and January. Whilst it is representative cricket we still focus on the enjoyment of our sport given we know that girls playing cricket don't grow on trees and we want to provide them with the social benefits of being in a group of like-minded people enjoying their Sundays.

CD Representatives 2023/24

Abby Treder (U19)

Ella Hogan (U19)

Penny Lovegrove (U17)

Maggie Rate (U17)

Aria Cameron (U17)

Summer Lovegrove (U18 Invitational)

Bridie McFadzean (U18 Invitational)

Myah Dawson (U18 Invitational)

Lucy Calkin (U18 Invitational)

Aria Kearney (U18 Invitational)